World Traveler Lois Pryce

world traveler lois pryce
World traveler Lois Pryce

World Traveler Lois Pryce | A well sorted travel alphabet is not complete with an entry at the letter L for Lois Pryce. She is a professional world traveler and therefore one of our idols. Born in Aberdeen in 1973 she attended school in Bristol and has been living in London since 1992. Lois Pryce is a waterways enthusiast, round-the-world motorcyclist and banjo player in an all female bluegrass band (The Jolenes). She published many articles for quality travelers in various magazines such as The Guardian, The Independent, iNews, Telegraph, CNN etc., and also 3 books:

“Lois on the Loose” (2007)

Published by Arrow/Random House (UK) and Octane Press (USA)
in Germany as: “Vollgas” (Ullstein Verlag)
in the Netherlands as: “Lois Onderweg” (Sirene)
in Italy as: “Verso Ushuaia” (RideRTW)

“Red Tape & White Knuckles” (2008)

Published by Arrow/Random House (UK) and Octane Press (USA)

“Revolutionary Ride” (2017)

Published by Nicholas Brealey/Hodder (UK & USA)

Lois Pryce worked in the music industry in London until 2003 when she left her position at BBC Music to make a 10-month solo motorcycle journey of from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. This resulted in her first book, “Lois on the Loose”. The Telegraph commented: it ‘roars along at a breakneck pace and is full of snappy accounts and funny asides.’

In 2006 World Traveler Lois Pryce made her second long-distance solo motorcycle expedition from London to Cape Town. Her route involved crossing the Sahara and traversing the Congo Basin and Angola. Her book about this trip, Red Tape & White Knuckles, was published in 2008. It was excerpted in The New York Times where it was described as ‘Breezy and upbeat … enough to make readers reach for their helmets and aim for a remote part of the globe.’

World Traveller Lois Pryce
World Traveler Lois Pryce

In 2013 and 2014 she made 2 more solo motorcycle tours, both in Iran, subject of her third book, “Revolutionary Ride”. The Telegraph listed her as one of ‘Ten Great Female Travelers’. Lois Pryce is also the co-founder and curator of The Adventure Travel Film Festival with her husband, the long-distance motorcyclist and film-maker Austin Vince. The festival takes place annually in the UK and Australia.

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