World’s most expensive hotel room

Hilltop Estate at Laucala Island, Fiji
Runner-up: Hilltop Estate at Laucala Island, Fiji @ no. 2 in the list of the world’s most expensive hotel rooms

The world’s most expensive hotel room? Is this about the most expensive hotel rooms ever built, or the most expensive room per night? Let’s answer the first question real quick before getting to the real deal. Most expensive hotel rooms ever built: You find them in “The 13” – a luxury hotel in Macau. To build one room did reportedly cost US$7,000,000. There are 200 rooms available. The smallest shelter is 2,000 sqft in size. Owner of the “The 13” is billionaire Stephen Hung.

Much more interesting to us is the most expensive hotel room per night. Here comes our top-7-list:

(7) “The Apartment”
at Connaught Hotel, London, UK

“The Apartment” at Connaught Hotel in London costs a stunning US$23,000 per night. This penthouse was designed by David Collins. It features a living room with an impressive collection of customized furniture, some veeeery limited-edition books, and sure also a decent selection of unique antiques.

(6) “Shangri-La Suite”
at Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey

One night at the Shangri-La Suite costs just $26,000. Of course this suite overlooks the Bosphorus straight. But it also has three separate terraces, a marble bathroom, heated floors and a TV embedded in a mirror. On a scale between 1 and 10, how fancy is this?

(5) “Presidential Suite”
at Mandarin Oriental, Shanghai, China

At the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Pudong (that’s a suburb of Shanghai) you pay 26,500 for a night the “Presidential Suite”. This transaction will give you access to your own own private wine cellar, and a fully equipped kitchen with private dining room attached. You can enjoy not just one but two private roof gardens for a view of Shanghai. But because of heavy air pollution in this mega city you might then need to take a bath. The bathtub is located in a bathroom bigger than an entire Hong Kong apartment.

(4) “Royal Villa”
at Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, Greece

For just $35,000 per night you can enjoy one of two master bedrooms in the Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi. And yes, the bathroom are over-sized. But well, you paid for it, right? A private butler is at your service, too. He stays onsite 24/7 in order to cater to your needs. Don’t forget to take full advantage of the massage table while enjoying sun bathing on your private deck.

(3) Penthouse Suite
at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Cannes, France

The Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez in Cannes has this to offer: Penthouse Suite for USD37,500. Once you’ve spend this money you can spend your day soaking in a fancy Jacuzzi located on a private terrace overlooking the Bay of Cannes. The Penthouse Suite is on the 7th floor, got two master bedrooms, one living room, a dining room, and two marble bathrooms.

(2) Hilltop Estate
at Laucala Island, Fiji

Now it’s really getting fancy. We need to somehow make it to Fiji. The location alone is so far off everything. That already costs extra. The Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation at the Laucala Island Resort is 2,100 km away from Auckland, New Zealand. That’s the nearest bigger city. In order to stay in this US$40,000-a-night villa guests must first fill out an application and then wait for an invitation by property owner Dietrick Mateschitz. Never heard this name? He is a Red Bull billionaire. The Hilltop estate is one of 25 villas located on the island; luxurious hideaways.

(1) Hotel President Wilson
Geneva, Switzerland

most expensive hotel room
Most expensive hotel room; the winner is:  Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. At 60,000 Swiss Francs a night — or about $68,000 US depending on the exchange rate — it is the most expensive hotel room on earth. This suite has hosted Bill Gates and Michael Douglas and other famous icons. It includes a private elevator, gym, pool table, maximum security, and a Steinway Piano.

Most expensive hotel room on earth: The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland charges a whopping 60k Swiss Francs. That was US$67,000 per night last year. Due to the currency exchange rate it is US$68,000 this year. This makes it the most expensive hotel room worldwide. Guests can choose from one of 12 bedrooms, each of course accompanied by its own bathroom. The 1,800 sq ft penthouse suite includes panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, an art collection, a Bang Olufsen 103inch plasma TV, a Steinway grand piano and other fancy stuff. And yes: for $67,000 you should indeed better buy such 103inch Bang Olufsen instead of just enjoying it one night.

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