Yonaguni Ancient Civilization?

Yonaguni Ancient Civilization
Yonaguni Ancient Civilization

Yonaguni Ancient Civilization? Japan’s western most island Yonaguni is very small and unspectacular, but popular among divers. The sea off Yonaguni became a preferred diving location during the winter months due to its large population of hammerhead sharks. But there is more. Yonaguni is a smoking gun on the verge of re-writing the history of mankind …

In 1987 an employee of the Yonaguni-Cho Tourism Association, noticed some singular seabed formations resembling architectonic structures. In 1992 a group of Japanese scientists of the University of the Ryūkyūs visited these submerged rock formations – Japan’s Atlantis? The rocks are now known as ‘Yonaguni Monument’. The scientists identified ten structures off Yonaguni Island and a further five related structures off the main island of Okinawa. In total the ruins cover an area spanning 300 meters by 150 meters. One could have only build these sites when the area was above sea level: 10,000+ years ago. If true, this discovery would put Jericho into 2nd place.

Yonaguni Monument would be the oldest man made structure in the world. Large scale man made constructions of this nature and size require a level of organization and planing in society which historians presently are unprepared to accept could possibly have existed 10,000 years ago. Japan’s mysterious pyramids force a revision of history. What’s puzzling the scientists: Until now this particular region had no history of old civilizations. It is believed that Yonaguni was just able to host nomadic unorganized clans unable to build such structure. Only around 3000 BC societies in Mesopotamia did reach a similar level of skills and organization to build something like this, proven by the pyramids of Egypt.

But there are enough links that allow us to conclude: ancient people were in constant contact to each other much further back than what we like to believe. Dating a Yonaguni civilization back 10,000 years is not yet confirmed. The site has been underwater for at least eight centuries. That makes it impossible to find eventual traces of pottery or bones. The salt water of the ocean would have erased such evidence by now. But this site be 10,000 years old or not. What the Yonaguni Monument is telling us: Our archeology at present is rather crippled and limited if it focusses only on evidence from above-water. We have to look at areas where people lived before they were flooded ten thousand years ago.

Yonaguni Ancient Civilization? Diver examines the site.
Yonaguni Ancient Civilization? Diver examines the site.
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Yonaguni Monument = Yonaguni Ancient Civilization?
Yonaguni Ancient Civilization
Yonaguni Monument
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